Thursday, March 17, 2011


I thought I'd start a new feature I'll refer to as LINKtastics.  A sort of link dump of interesting articles and blog entries I've happened across.

I really like this article from the New York Times and it reminds me a lot of what my mother taught my sister and I growing up.  My mother relayed that we should be just as thankful to the plants we kill and eat as much as the animals we dine on.

Mark Sisson got me thinking about buying some crickets for my cats to hunt.  Although I consider them really happy kitties, I think a hunt would do them good!  He also asks us to look at our own personal crickets; what makes you feel like the wild animal that you are?  My personal crickets are my need to be surrounded by trees every chance I can.  I feel incredibly alive around trees and have since I was a kid.  Wooded areas are awesome and I always feel a sense of calm.  Also eating lots of meat and animal fat has always been a passion of mine, even when it was faux pas.

Earlier this month, Gary Taubes visited Dr. Oz to discuss Gary's new book Why We Get Fat.  I don't have TV, but managed to catch it Dr. Oz's website.  Needless to say, it was painful to watch, but Gary kept his ground (good man!).  Gary discusses on his blog his experience on the show and goes into more detail about the points he made.

Free Thinking Cavewoman asks us to think about our Primal attractions in regards to personal upkeep.  To shave or not to shave?


  1. Hi, I'm new to your blog :).

    As for personal crickets, I'm not sure what mine would be ... probably really indulging in a good steak and going for a weight-lifting session. I'm finally learning to be okay with this.

    I shave, though I didn't shave much for a long time. I'll probably go back and forth for awhile until I figure out what I like best, but for now it feels good to shave :).

  2. Welcome Juliana! :)

    A part of me wishes I didn't have to shave just for the sheer fact that it's time consuming. But you can't beat the feel of smooth silky skin :)