Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Poolessness and the Arrival of Primal Blueprint Fitness

I am officially three and a half weeks into my shampoo/soap free lifestyle and so far it's I've had fairly good results.  Every three to four days I do a baking soda and apple cider vinegar rinse.  I used to get really dry skin on my scalp and face, but since forgoing the products, my epidermis has naturally healed and I no longer get dandruff.  My hair still gets greasy, but the build up is a lot less than when I started.

Ditching the Dove soap has been fine too.  My skin is softer and smoother and I don't get as oily around my T zone. :)  No real body smells, at least my husband Robert hasn't said anything.  I've told a few people around the office and they haven't noticed anything either. 

This week brought Primal Blueprint Fitness to my inbox and I am so excited.  Started my first Lift Heavy Things day on Wednesday and felt amazing after.  I'm planning to incorporate this regularly as it is much more doable than my modified P90x schedule which, by the way, I've slacked for the past few weeks.  It's just not realistic for me and the temperature in the apartment has been a little unbareable lately.  Too damn hot!

Wednesday's workout consisted of 40 Wall pushups, 50 full squats, 90 second plank and side planks, and 20 overhead presses.  Now it may seem silly for me to start with wall pushups after my success with P90x a few months back.  My intention is to start slow and ease into this routine.  Oddly enough, I apparently can't do 40 wall pushups in a row (2 sets of 20).  Once I have the full straight 40 under my belt, I"ll move to the next level (which I'm sure will be soon).  The only excercise that was missing was the pull up portion.  I don't currently own a pull up bar and didn't really get the impression that the P90x resistance band alternative was working the same muscles.

Vick on Marks Daily Apple forum gave me this suggestion in lieu of the pull up bar:

Put your hands on the back of your neck and interlock your fingers. Keep your grip close to the shoulders not up close to the head.

Pull down down trying to touch your waist with your elbows. Tense all of your muscles right down to your tummy. When you think you are about to quit... pretend your life depends on it and don't quit until you fatigue.

Repeat 7 days later.

I tried this and it seems to be working the muscles that need to be worked.  I don't really know how much it will strengthen, but until I have access or purchase a pull up bar, I'll be doing this.

One more round of this routine today and tomorrow I'll go for my sprint!