Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This is the most incredible post I've read in awhile.  Hawaiian libertarian gives us a deep insight into raising a paleo baby from inception.  Beautifully detailed, I hope he continues to write about the amazing development of his child.

Anyone care for some Wood Pulp?  Just another reason to eat real.

Two Sunday's ago I spent 5 lovely hours simmering stock only to strain it right down the sink.  I blamed brain fog left over from my vacation indulgences.  A few days later I came across this informative pdf from the Western Price Foundation on the lovely merits of homemade stock, recipes included.

Craving ice cream?  Growing Up Paleo has an awesome looking recipe for Coconut Milk Chocolate Ice Cream!  If I owned an ice cream maker, I'd be in heaven.

I picked up the new book Everyday Paleo, by Sarah Fragoso last week and have read it cover to cover (I could read recipes all day).  I can't wait to try all the good eats and I can vouch for at least one; the Marvellous Meatballs are amazing!

Robb Wolf injects a humorous foreward and Sarah's acknowledgments actually made me a little misty eyed.  She beautifully describes her personal accounts with health issues, eating a standard american diet and how the paleo lifestyle has made her and her family the energetic powerhouses they are today.  I love that she shares her raw experiences; it lets us all know that what she is sharing is attainable.
Thanks to her Fitness section, I have started getting back into exercise.  I know that I'm probably stronger than a beginner but it's been awhile since I regularly exercised.  I'm starting with day one to ease my body into basic movements.  Her exercises are well described for anyone new to fitness.
The book is also equipped with detailed shopping lists for your fridge and pantry, helpful for those ready to clear out grain and sugar loaded fillers and stock with fresh meat, produce and spices!

Overall, this is a perfect introduction to the Paleo lifestyle and I will be recommending this book to friends and family.

On a side note, I now want more tattoos :)

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  1. Hey K@! I picked up Sarah's book yesterday and have already read the entire thing! Sarah's forward really got me too--she is obviously full of heart and so relatable. I'm so excited to try the recipes and exercises!