Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Treat Named Coffee

My initial reason for giving up coffee this year was because of the elimination of dairy in my diet.  I enjoyed a coffee a few times per week and over a few months towards the end of 2010, managed to ween the sugar out and drink my coffee "white" with a good helping of heavy cream (roughly 5 - 7 tbsp per cup).

Unfortunately, dairy is not my friend with the exception of butter.  I haven't been able to drink a glass of milk in years without the agonizing cramping of my guts.  All types of cheeses have a slightly less severe effect, but still noticeably uncomfortable.  I consumed plain yogurt for a number of years, but decided to also give it up this year as part of my dairy elimination.  I love yogurt, but admittedly I don't miss it.  I have pondered making my own ghee which would eliminate any milk proteins, lactose and casein usually responsible for intestinal mishaps, but butter is a loyal friend, and it doesn't result in ill effects (yet).

I thought gone would be the days I could enjoy a creamy cup of coffee what with the 2011 elimination, but then I discovered Coconut Milk.

4 heaping Tbsps of coconut milk in a cup of coffee and my caffeinated indulgence has returned!   I now experience life with 0% bloating, which you can imagine is an incredible feeling.  Digestive life just keeps getting better! 

Let's just hope that butter hangs in there for me.


  1. Hi, Loving your blog! Im brand new to Paleo. Ive been reading a ton & trying to learn the Paleo ropes before jumping in. Do you think light coconut milk would taste as good in coffee? I bought the light because that is all Trader Joes had in stock. Thank you!

  2. Hi Leah! Thanks for the love :)

    I'm sure light coconut milk would taste just fine, but with Paleo it's important to stick to full fat if you can. It's much less processed and the fats from coconut are important. You need these wonderful fats and they also make it extra delicious and filing.

    See if you can find a full fat coconut milk anywhere else around you. I've heard wonderful things about Trader Joes, though. Next time I'm in the USA, I'll have to visit one.

  3. I really encourage you to try ghee, it is simple to make and the flavour is outstanding. Almost like caramel. I really prefer it to butter for sautéeing, because of the flavour but it also doesn't burn like butter can. I have a great video posted on my site that shows you how to make it.

    Loving your site, I'm on doctor's orders to follow a super strict Paleo diet and have not found many resources on-line, but your site is awesome!!!