Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Thinking back to the beginning and how far I've come . . .

I first came across a Primal/Paleo lifestyle during my somewhat successful attempt at P90X.  I was 2 months in to the regiment and was seeing pretty good results in my strength. My ability to do push ups (not on my knees) increased considerably, my energy was decent and I was sleeping really well.

My diet at the time was fairly simple. I ate meat regularly and started purchasing from our local butcher. I had salads and plenty of vegetables and I was big on fruit smoothies (with oatmeal and honey) and Starbuck's Lattes. I avoided bread, except on the rare occasions I came across an authentic french croissant or sourdough and I occasionally accompanied my meals with brown basmati rice.  Desserts were far and few and would save most of my uber sugary indulgences for birthdays and holidays.  My friends and family considered me really healthy, but I didn't feel that way.

I've always had a passion for food, health and nutrition and felt that my balance with both good and refined foods was a healthy one.

I frequented the site Fitbomb where a thirty-something chronicled his accounts with P90X.  I used it as a reference; his descriptions of all of the workouts (in all their grueling intensity) was both amusing and a foresight to my next day of pain.  Fitbomb is an incredible site with multi daily postings related to fitness, paleo and current health related issues via linked videos and articles.  The guy is hilarious and a real treat to follow everyday.  His wife, who is mentioned as "M", has her own recipe blog nom nom paleo.  I recommend checking both of them out if you haven't already.

So anyway, it was through Fitbomb that I came across the soon to be released The Primal Blueprint.  I visited the website and I absorbed all the information I could.  The testimonies of results were touching and incredible and I loved the wonderful support and sense of community that the forum provided.  The lifestyle clicked with me instantly and made sense, since I had had similar health benefits with my struggles with a strict Candida Albicans diet a few years earlier.

Since April 2010, I have eased into a Paleo lifestyle.  I purchased my Vibrams and sprinted once per week around the neighbourhood.  I purchased grass-fed beef and bought eggs from pastured chickens.  Their dark yolks are incredible!  I also ate a lot of bacon :)

2011 marked the removal of dairy, mostly in the form of copious amounts of heavy cream I'd been using to top off all the coffee I'd been consuming.  I have also removed caffeine from my diet and enjoy herbal teas more regularly.  Butter is still used for cooking and for drenching my veggies in (I will not give up my butter).  Removing the heavy cream resulted in a bit more weight loss, which was unexpected but not a terrible thing.  I hadn't been aware of the slight bloating at the time I was consuming it, but since removing it, my guts are much happier.

I enjoy the benefits of Intermittent Fasting a few times per week, skipping either breakfast or dinner.

I take 1 tsp of Carlson's Cod Liver Oil every night before I go to bed and 1000-3000 IU of D3 in the morning (when I remember).

I haven't used soap, shampoo or any products on my hair or skin since July 2010.  My skin is incredibly smooth/soft and I "wash" my hair once a week with an egg yolk and a rinse of apple cider vinegar.  I do shower regularly in between, but just use water.  I use coconut oil to moisturise my skin if it gets a little dry, especially in a hot dry apartment during a cold dry winter.

For the first time in a long time, I feel really good.  I'm preparing to apply to school for September and my husband and I will be booking our 3 week trip to Japan for April (Yay!).  I don't pick up my camera as often as I'd like to, but sometimes life just gets a bit busy.  I hope to pay a little more attention to this blog and my other one.  Sometimes I have so many thoughts and ideas at once, I forget to write them down.  Now I jot them down in my iPod Touch, so no more excuses :)

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  1. Hey, that's me! :)

    Found you through Paleo Talk, and was surprised and flattered to be mentioned in your post about converting to Paleo. Love the blog, and looking forward to reading more!