Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Although I've stuck quite well to the primal/paleo eating lifestyle, the exercise portion has been quite lacking these past few months.  I walk as much as I can every day, taking breaks throughout my work day to stroll the dowtown core.  I venture to find lengthy stair cases in the city.   The proximity around the CN Tower and SkyDome (called the Rogers Centre for years now, but it will always be the SkyDome to me) has quite a few stairs as well as the subway and underground PATH.  I'll occasionally sprint a block length but always remember that I need to be courteous to my work mates and minimize my sweatiness.  My goal is for an hour per day, if things aren't too hectic around the office.

I decided tonight that my upper body has had a wonderful vacation, and that it was time to get back at it.

Tonight, I started out slow:

5 Chin ups (modified with foot on chair) x 4
5 Pull ups (modified with foot on chair) x 4
10 Push ups (knees) x4
20 squats x 2

I will definitely feel that tomorrow.  The plan is to repeat on Saturday and slowly build these soft little muscles back up to where they were when I completed P90X earlier this year.

Wish me luck!

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