Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm still here!

I'll be back . . I promise.  Life has gotten a little busy at work and the heat and humidity here in Toronto is killing me.  I still refuse to get an air conditioner.  I feel sucking it up in this heat can only make me stronger . . more Primal.  :)

A couple of times a week in the morning I pop by Vibrams on for a little jaunt around the neighbourhood.  I've started encorporating P90X back into my exercise regime.  I know I swore off it in my last post, but after taking a well deserved break, I noticed I was getting a little soft again, and fast.  Instead of doing the full hour everyday, I decided to break down the exercises.  My week goes something like this:

Monday - Chest and Back, one set of each (no repeats)
Tuesday - Morning walk/sprint in my Vibrams or Rest
Wednesday - Shoulders and Arms, one set of each
Thursday - Morning walk in my Vibrams or Rest
Friday - Legs and Back, one set of each
Saturday and Sunday are up in the air.  I'm usually pretty busy with chores around the apt and shopping and general out and about fun with the husband or friends and family. 

Eating Primally has been going well, although there have been quite a few slips as of late.  My husband has had a hankering for gelato and the little gelato spot on the corner is quite tempting and helps take the edge off the heat.

Lots of salads, yummy meats and fruits have been the bulk of my meals.  And eggs . . . oh eggs, how I love thee.  I've been obsessed with fried eggs over smoked salmon topped off with dill and a side of avocado.  Devine.  I should take a pic of my next breakfast.  It will leave you drooling!

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  1. Hello, I'm a primal follower as well, although I came to it from a different background (Celiac). I'm reading through your other blog as well, so many nice pictures. Keep posting!
    Kat - yep another Kat, also in Canada :)