Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sweet Potato Chocolate Cake by Amazing Paleo

I don't often indulge in "paleo desserts".  This recipe from Amazing Paleo, however, sparked my interest as it uses sweet potatoes as the base for this chocolate cake and I LOVE sweet potato!

Although it seemed a little laborious at first, this turned out quite well and I likened the texture of the cake to that of a pumpkin pie filling: smooth and creamy!  Super chocolatey too!  I was expecting a more dense cake but was pleasantly surprised at how its smooth and creamy texture lightens it up.

The icing made of coconut oil is good, but I would almost prefer the cake on it's own.  I omitted the addition of the instant coffee just because I never have the stuff around the kitchen (quite possibly this could have made the difference between a good icing and an awesome one).  If dairy and I had a better relationship, I would have slapped on a cream cheese icing instead.  *drool*

Cooking time for the cake is 40 minutes @ 325 F, although I found that I needed an extra 10-15 minutes with my finicky oven to have the centre cooked. 

All in all, this cake was FANTASTIC!  I will definitely be making this cake again, great for birthdays, pot lucks and the like.  Nice work Amazing Paleo and I definitely recommend this one to all you paleo lovers!  :)

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