Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Primal Blueprint

I first became aware of Mark Sisson's book a few months ago while researching diets for optimal health and nutrition.  It's a subject I continuously have an interest in as I have struggled with dietary restrictions for the past 6 years.  Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever written about it, so let me start again...

I have a mulittude of dietary limitations. Due to many factors in my past, including poor diet, birth control pills and overuse of antibiotics to treat reoccuring infections, I have a very weak digestive system. I can no longer tolerate grains (bread, rice, pastas, corn), milk and cheese, fruit, sugar and many chemical preservatives. I've had my ups and downs (many many downs) with such a restrictive diet.  I always felt like I was part of an unfortunate group of people, the Candida sufferers.  It became tiresome to explain to new people that I met why I couldn't indulge in the luxurious breads and delectable sweets that they could.  It was really depressing and I would adopt a "to hell with it" frame of mind and join in, paying the consequences soon after.

My consequences included migraines/headaches, bloating and weight gain, intestinal cramps, lethargy, depression, insomnia...the list goes on. 

Finding this book has been a godsend.  It's not a weight loss or diet book.  It's a lifestyle and one that I've adopted quite easily in the last three weeks.  The Primal lifestyle is based on a modern hunter-gatherer eating style including vegetables in abudance, fruit, eggs, meats & seafood, nuts and plenty of saturated and monounsaturated fats (yum). 

The diet is fairly spot on to the Candida diet I had adopted on and off for so many years, the only difference was the increase in fat.  By increasing the fat in my diet, I feel satiated for long periods and cravings for complex carbs and sugar have almost completely diminished.  I also feel like I'm part of a healthier community and not a community of constant sufferers (no hard feelings, but it's been a little depressing).  Mark's website, is full of fantastic articles and answers any questions readers have about this remarkable way of living.  The success stories of readers are inspirational and truly moving.

My energy levels have been through the roof and my afternoon nap attacks that subsided after grain based meals are gone.  I sleep better and most mornings I wake up before my alarm, refreshed and ready to start my day.  I never had any intentions to lose weight, but I've been losing 1 lb per week so far and it feels great.

Anyone looking to "reprogram their genes" and feel more connected with their bodies with "vibrant health and boundless energy", I completely recommend this book.

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